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Instrument Hire

Instrument hire schemes for young people.
(Hire for adults available on application)

The Music and Performing Arts Service hire instruments out to young people having music lessons in North East Lincolnshire based schools. Hire of instruments for young people outside of this authority is also available.

Terms and Conditions of the Scheme

All MAPAS instruments will be hired subject to a written agreement and MAPAS reserve the right to request the immediate return of instruments when necessary at any time such as where the terms of the hire arrangements are breached.
Instruments will only be issued after receipt of the signed agreement by the parent/carer and the accredited teacher. Failure to return an instrument when requested may result in the parent/carer being responsible for the full replacement cost.

The hire of an instrument requires that:

  • The pupil attends a school/academy/college based in North East Lincolnshire.
  • The pupil is having regular tuition for the full period of the agreement with a MAPAS Accredited Teacher.
  • The hirer assumes the responsibility for the instrument and arranges insurance cover for the instrument on their home contents’ insurance. Should the instrument be lost, stolen or damaged, the parent/carer will be responsible for the full replacement cost.
  • The hirer will be responsible for the routine maintenance/wear and tear/servicing of the instrument including the replacement of disposable items such as strings or reeds.
  • No major repairs or overhauls will be undertaken without authorisation from MAPAS.
  • Where an instrument is damaged, lost or stolen the hirer must immediately inform MAPAS so that the appropriate course of action can be advised.
  • Should you decide to discontinue hire, the instrument should be returned by the hirer to MAPAS in a satisfactory condition. Where repairs are required at this point MAPAS will make arrangements for such repairs and will invoice the hirer separately for the relevant costs. If the instrument is beyond repair the hirer may be held responsible for its replacement.


The basic charge for the hire of instruments on the Instrument Hire Scheme, regardless of its value, is £36.00 per year apart from Bassoon, Oboe, Cello, Double Bass, Orchestral Percussion and Viola which are £18.00 per year. We reserve the right to amend the cost at short notice.

If your son/daughter is in receipt of free school meals, you are entitled to free hire of an instrument, subject to availability. You may be asked to provide current evidence of this at anytime. Should these circumstances change, please inform the Resource Officer immediately.

If your child decides to discontinue lessons, this office must be informed immediately and arrangements made for you to return the instrument. It is your responsibility to return the instrument following the hire period. If notification is not given at least 2 weeks before the renewal date, the annual charge for the forthcoming year may become due.

How To Apply

If you wish to hire an instrument and attend a school within North East Lincolnshire then please download and complete the information on the NEL Hire Form. Contact for a form.
If you are based outside North East Lincolnshire and wish to hire an instrument, please download and complete the information on the Non NEL Hire Form.

Once completed, please return with a cheque made payable to NELC to:

Resource Officer , North East Lincolnshire
Music & Performing Arts Service Centre, c/o John Whitgift Academy
Crosland Road, Grimsby
DN37 9EH
Tel: 01472 323550
Fax: 01472 323480