Accredited Teachers

All instrumental and vocal teachers on the Accredited Tutors database are DBS checked through the North East Lincolnshire Council. They all have public liability insurance. Before a tutor is added to the register, the quality of their teaching is monitored as well as their instrumental skills, teaching qualifications and experience.

All tutors are monitored annually to ensure that the highest quality in teaching and learning is maintained. All tutors will provide individual and small group tuition and some will also deliver large group, Whole Class and ensembles. Accredited Tutors are expected to attend at least 4 half day professional development courses/training throughout the year covering many aspects of their teaching including, first aid, child protection, behaviour management and special needs.

The NEL Music Hub ensures the highest possible standards but does not employ Accredited Tutors. We advise on hourly pay rates – although they all work as self-employed, freelance teachers so rates may vary.