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Woodwind Tuition

The table below lists accredited teachers who provide woodwind tuition. Please note that some teachers will provide tuition for more than one instrument group. To see the full list of Accredited Teachers with all tuition categories offered please click here.

Susan Booth DipLCM, BA (Hons)
07769 175539

Catherine Cooley Cert Ed
01472 875017

Zoe Everatt 
Toots, Flute, Recorder

Jill Foster BA (Hons) Music, Cert Ed
01472 875017

Ruth Hart
Flute, Clarinet, Saxophone, Recorder
01472 237308

Sue Heron BA Hons, ATCL (Mus Ed) CT ABRSM
Flute, Fife, Recorder
07702 048967

Caroline Maasdam-Gooch
01472 875017 or 07578 561800

Sandra Mastin-Smith Cert Ed, BED (Hons), LTCL
Clarinet, Saxophone, Flute
01673 828695 or 07913 251698

The NEL Music Hub ensures the highest possible standards but does not employ Accredited Tutors. We advise on hourly pay rates – although they all work as self-employed, freelance teachers so rates may vary.