We are the Planets RAP!

We are the Planets RAP!

Dear All

The MAPAS live event is nearly upon us (Schools Summer Concerts)

Sue Baker has asked me to send this out to everyone so you can have a practice before our rehearsal on the 16th April 4pm-6.30pm at MAPAS c/o John Whtigift Academy. Please go to our green gates and press the buzzer to gain access do not go to the main school reception.

The Link is ‘You Tube’ – ‘We are the Planets’

The following are not rapping but playing:
Kev Rogers – Drums
Matt Smith – Bass line
Jo Townell- Keyboard
Alex Seadman – Violin

‘We are the Planets’

All Chorus

We are the planets of the solar system
Different Sizes for everyone
The music never ends, We are such good friends
And we all orbit the sun

Emma Middleton – Sun

We call the sun, rapping first on this track from the beginning.
I’m the centre of the solar system planets be spinnin’ around me
So hot ! I’m roasting you see, now I pass the mic to the planet closest to me

Sue Baker – Mercury

The smallest planet , small as earth’s Moon, Yo !
I get super-hot and cold and I spin very slow

Lisa Oliver – Venus

I’m Venus, I’ve got mountains and volcanos that spray
I’m the same size as Earth but spin the opposite way

Ruth Hart – Earth

Yeah, I’m Earth. I’m the home to every boy and girl
Such a beautiful, beautiful world !!!

Lawrence Cottingham – Mars

I’m Mars , the red planet I’ve got deserts and ice
and I’ve got 2 moons that’s like one moon twice !!

Sam Baker – Jupiter

I’m Jupiter, the biggest planet
I’m humongous, gargantuan
I spin the fastest, rap the fastest
Plus I’m handsome. Blam, Son!

Steve Walker – Saturn

Oh Please ! I’m Saturn
Check out my beautiful rings
Made up of rocks , dust and other things

Dave Pearce – Uranus

I’m Uranus, I say that with pride
Ok , I lied ! I’m embarrassed
Because I’m the only planet lying on its side

Josh England – Neptune

I’m Neptune. I’m cold, dark, windy and mysterious.
I’m very stormy , so bring an umbrella , I’m serious


Any queries please give us a call or email. I will forward the schedule separately and also what you need to claim for the concerts.

Best wishes